RED Bettas Release
We have new release of exceptional Red quality Halfmoon & Plakat. Come to the farm and see to believe.


New Breed Guppies
First of the kind in the world. Leopard Snake and Neon Red Skin..

  Show Display Cherry Shrimps
Striking Display Shrimps, ideal for home and office display now available.
  Discus For Sale
We have new arrival of Discus for Sale. Check it out at our Farm.

New Breed Swordtail
Swordtail Red Eye Koi Sword - Very Beautiful new breed of Swordtail. Now available.


Betta Collector Poster
We are finally releasing the much awaited Straits World Champion - Betta Collection Poster.


Pure King Lobster Roe / Frozen Mosquito Larvae
We are currently selling the Pure King Lobster Roe in small packs at $2.00 each. It can be fed to your fish as main food or as a supplement
Frozen Mosquito Larvae is the complete food diet for all small tropical fish: Bettas, Guppies, etc. Selling in small economical packs.

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