Ultimate Fish Food Colour Enhancer is Finally Out!!

King Lobster Roe also as "Brine Shrimp Eggs" is the world's crème’ de la crème natural colour enhancer fish food product in the market. Previously this food is only exclusive to few lucky fish hobbyist because of its rarity and high price.

The King Lobster Roe that we are offering is a premium food is made from 100% pure ingredients that will greatly enhance the colours of your fish and is suitable for all ornamental fish, eg LuoHan, Goldfish, Discus, etc. The Lobster Roe is already treated and conveniently freeze pack for you. Just take it out of the fridge and you can feed your fish straight away.

Pure King Lobster Roe comes in small packs at $2.00 each. It can be fed to your fish as main food or as a supplement.

Betta Speciality Premium Food

Betta Speciality Premium Food - Mosquito Larvae Freeze Pack are available. Mosquito Larvae is not only a fantastic dietery supplement for your bettas, but it is also the most troublefree betta food to date. Unlike tubifex worms, bloodworms or even daphnia where these are cultured in extremely foul and noxious environment, Mosquito Larvae is actually bred in clean water thus drastically reducing the risk of introducing disease to your Bettas.

Mosquito Larvae is the most complete and safest food dietery available in the market. Not only will it promote good healthy growth to your Bettas, it will strengthen the finnage thus allowing your Bettas to flare with more majestic dispositon than ever before!

Mosquito Larvae Freeze Pack comes in convenient packs at only $2.00 each with limited stocks. So hurry up and get it before it is too late!!


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